How to drive revenue through content - without writing it

Build and implement an effective strategy with defined roles and responsibilities for sales and marketing teams of any size

It’s time for your team to position themselves, and your company, as trusted resources to provide your customers, prospects, and other team members with the most valuable insights of the day, but...

  • Your sales team is constantly requesting more content to share across their social media and email profiles that will drive new business.
  • It’s been near impossible to keep your employees engaged and grow adoption in coordinated social selling and employee advocacy efforts.
  • The mere thought of implementing yet another suite of technology siloed from your other efforts is enough to prompt yourself, and your team, to consider a career change.

This workbook is designed to help you set the foundation for your strategy, get your workflow in order, outline a rollout plan, and actually get this off the ground and running. No more guessing games. Your team, whether big or small, will know who is responsible for what and exactly what they need to do to gain the real benefits of content curation.

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