Find Your Workflow: A Guide for Content Curation Teams

Build and implement an effective strategy with defined roles and responsibilities for teams of any size

As the need for active curation grows, it is becoming increasingly critical to create a plan for what content should be curated, from where it should be sourced, and how often and where it should be shared on social media, email newsletters, or on a website. With an agreed upon “curation blueprint” in place, it becomes easier to test and optimize the content curation workflow for more meaningful engagement and, therefore, a stronger return on investment.

Even if you don’t have the team or technology in place to operate from the highest level of active curation just yet, implementing any sort of strategic workflow will still help create efficiencies and allow for batch tasking.

Find Your Workflow: A Guide for Content Curation Teams helps teams of all sizes build a content curation strategy and a personalized process to carry it out effectively.

This workbook will help you:

  • Map out a foundational content curation strategy that includes defining search criteria and content standards and devising posting schedules that align with original content production
  • Choose the right metrics to measure success
  • Define and assign roles and responsibilities to each team member (or help the Team of One prioritize tasks)

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