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Increase Your Team’s Credibility At Scale With Ignite By UpContent

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It’s time to make engaging with your social selling program a daily habit for your sales team by equipping them with a steady stream of credible third-party content tailored to their target audience's interests. 

Introducing Ignite by UpContent, a new integration with EveryoneSocial, providing your entire team with a steady flow of diverse and valuable curated content at their fingertips, making employee advocacy more powerful and easier than ever. 

This partnership enhances the mix of original and third-party content that can more than double the average conversion rate compared with sharing original content alone. 

How? By removing the need to manually search for relevant articles and ensuring the proper diversity, volume, and consistency of external content necessary for success.

Discover the power of Ignite by UpContent, a seamless solution that allows you to establish a fully automated or hybrid approval process. 

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With Ignite, effortlessly uncover, filter, optimize, and distribute external articles that will resonate with your team and captivate their audiences, driving higher conversion rates.

The Power of Employee Advocacy and Content Curation 

Sales prospecting has undergone a significant transformation in recent times. The traditional reliance on face-to-face meetings to build initial client relationships has given way to a new era of digital engagement.

Did you know that a staggering 76% of consumers prefer content shared by a “normal person” rather than a brand? 

It's not just a preference; it's backed by data — sales leads acquired through social selling are seven times more likely to close deals successfully.

It's simple: to connect with potential customers, you need to be where they are — and that's online.

Employee advocacy and social selling have emerged as the most effective methods to reach and engage prospects. In fact, 78% of sales reps leveraging social selling strategies outperform their peers who haven't adapted to this new landscape.

But just sharing your company content isn’t going to build authenticity — that’s where third-party content, or curated content, comes in.

Studies show that when you have a balanced mix of content created by someone other than you or your company and original content (this can include user-generated content, branded content, or content you write yourself), conversions are ten times more likely to close!

And compared with official brand channels, employees have far greater reach and credibility regarding social messaging, reaching a 561% bigger audience.

But finding good content manually is challenging and time-consuming, and often results in the article no longer being relevant after it makes its way through the various approvals for brand and industry compliance standards.

That’s where Ignite by UpContent comes in.

Introducing Ignite by UpContent 

Instead of having to use a traditional search platform to find articles one at a time, Ignite by UpContent allows EveryoneSocial administrators to build Topics customized to specific search parameters and will gather the best content that matches that search criteria.

Ignite by UpContent Dashboard

From there, administrators can pick and choose the best content from that Topic and organize the articles into Collections that will directly feed into your EveryoneSocial groups with the disclosures, imagery, post text, and expiration date you’ve defined.

Ignite by UpContent is powered by AI and scans over one million articles from hundreds of thousands of publishers each month to surface the best-matching content for your team based on your organization's own engagement data. 

It also seamlessly integrates with your Proofpoint Social Patrol content policy to automatically exclude non-compliant content.

Seamless Workflow and Time Savings 

Ignite by UpContent offers the flexibility to choose the ideal content approval approach for your team. 

Whether fully automated, fully manual, or a hybrid approach, Ignite by UpContent adapts to your needs seamlessly. You can embrace automation for efficient content curation, opt for manual control to ensure precision, or find the perfect balance with the hybrid model. 

Suppose you’re looking for a more automated approach. In that case, you can build your Topics and Collections to automatically add content to your EveryoneSocial platform, making it available to your team almost instantly.

Or, if you want a more hands-on approach to your curation efforts, you can handpick articles by moving them into Collections linked to EveryoneSocial.

We even offer different ways to customize this workflow. Feel free to contact one of our Content Curation Experts if you have a specific workflow in mind! This partnership is designed with you and is made to fit into your tech stack.

Getting Started with Ignite by UpContent 

Now you don’t have to sacrifice authenticity for scalability. By using Ignite by UpContent, your team can build credibility in a sustainable and habit-forming way.

By having a continual flow of fresh and credible content from thought leaders and well-respected publishers, your team can be the thought leaders they need to be for their clients.

If you’re interested in using Ignite by UpContent for your team, schedule a call with one of our Content Curation Experts today! 

They will help you get started, determine the best workflow for your team, and help create the Topics for discovering the articles that will engage your users and their audience.

It’s time to effectively engage your audiences at scale without the stress or wasted time. Let’s get started.