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Using AI In Your Content Curation Efforts

Using AI in your content curation effortsAI software like ChatGPT, Jasper, and ChatSonic are all the rage right now, especially for content creation efforts. 

Using generative AI tools is a fantastic way to expedite the creation of a first draft and provide new perspectives, ideas, or directions to take your own unique thoughts. 

But when we look at the use of AI for curating content, it shouldn’t just be a time saver that duplicates content that you would have already picked.

While saving time can be a benefit, using AI for content curation should provide some additional intelligence and perspective.

Here at UpContent, our AI-powered “Smart Sort” filter continually learns what kind of content is grabbing your followers' attention, recommending the best content to build your credibility as a thought leader, not an echo chamber.

But where does generative AI come into play?

In this article, we will talk about using AI to build credibility, better engagement, and expand your perspective.

Using AI To Build Credibility

Yes, you can! 

Let’s start with a few definitions as a refresher.

The goal of curation is to build credibility, right? And credibility is a combination of authenticity and knowledge. 

So having credibility means that your audience knows that you know what you’re talking about and knows who you are as an individual. 

Historically, many technologies have brought third-party content together into one view or allowed you to search for content and find articles that match your criteria. Then they would provide some layer of intelligence. 

But often, that layer of intelligence only showed you the things you liked personally, which created some inherent challenges, like bias.

If your process is optimized for what you personally like without giving you any feedback about what your team or audience likes, you are solving for the wrong variable in the equation.

What you should be optimizing for in content curation is what your audience or team likes and wants to share. 

The whole point of thought leadership and building credibility is to answer the questions people are asking, not develop your personal reading list. 

So just like generative AI is providing perspectives and ideas you didn’t have, the best way to leverage AI for curation is to ensure that that AI tool is considering what’s working well. 

Using AI For Better Engagement Practices

There’s some talk about using AI chatbots to respond to comments, messages, and other online interactions.

When using curated content for thought leadership, the goal is to stir the pot with content, like putting a lot of different lines in the water with topics people may want to engage with.

AI allows you to do this efficiently without creating useless noise. 

Dynamically leveraging the insights on what has resonated with your audience in the past allows you to “lean in” on delivering value to the people you’re talking to by surfacing what they are interested in.

This frees up your time and mental space to be human where it matters most: engagement—commenting, messaging, and participating in the conversation.

This is where credibility is gained - when people see you’re providing high-value content and sharing your unique insights. No AI bot can write what’s in your head.

AI Is Not Just For Time Savings; It’s A New Perspective

If we have learned anything in recent months about using generative AI, we should apply some broader lessons to our current strategies.

Sure, ChatGPT can spit out a blog article in less than 30 seconds, something that would have taken you hours to do. 

But we all know that the blog output isn’t nearly ready for publication. It’s just helping you get words on a doc faster.

Is that really the only value generative AI offers, time savings?

We don’t think so!

The biggest lesson we have learned from using generative AI is that it helps provide a different, unbiased perspective in very little time. 

Because the AI is pulling from knowledge already out there, it can help provide a new angle from which maybe you wouldn’t have seen the topic if you just had a blank Word document open in front of you.

When applying this lesson to content curation, AI can help you cut through and determine which articles you should share because it’s not just replicating what you would have already picked.

Next Steps For Using AI In Your Content Curation Efforts

If you want to be a thought leader, to be the person and go-to resource for your audience, you must provide the answers to the questions people are asking. 

Using AI tools like UpContent for content curation helps you determine what articles are the best based on the overlap of what your audience is interested in and what you have expertise in discussing. 

Our Smart Sort filter allows you to automatically consider more than your personal preferences when selecting what should be shared. 

If you’d like to see this Smart Sort filter in action, talk to one of our Content Curation Experts today!

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