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The Future of Financial Advice: Shifting Online Authentically As An Advisor

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The financial services sector is witnessing a profound shift as it harnesses the power of technology and AI to enhance its services.

Traditionally, financial advice was delivered through face-to-face meetings and paper-based documentation. This helped ensure privacy, authenticity, and personalization for each client.

However the rise of digitalization has disrupted these conventional methods. The industry now faces the challenge of adapting to changing consumer behaviors and expectations, which have drastically shifted online. 

Not only are financial advisors navigating a landscape where compliance is difficult, but technological advancements are rapidly altering client interactions and service delivery, making it even harder to keep up.

And with AI getting smarter and faster, it’s getting harder and harder to stay ahead of the curve.

Financial Services is UpContent’s largest customer base, and we have helped hundreds of advisors find ways to consistently and ethically showcase their expertise online within compliance requirements from their firms and regulators.

How? With the power of curated content or third-party content from trusted and valuable sources. We are a leading content curation software dedicated to helping you build your credibility online.

In this article, we’re going to talk about the role of content in attracting clients and building trusted relationships, how content curation will help your clients, and how to navigate the compliance challenges that come with sharing financial content. 

The Role of Content in Modern Financial Services 

At the heart of being an effective advisor lies the need for informed decision-making. Clients seek insights, trends, and expert opinions to make sound financial choices. 

In an era where authenticity is valued and harder to attain, financial advisors strive to establish their credibility and thought leadership through content. 

Sharing insightful content positions advisors as experts in their field, fostering trust among clients where they are - online.

Social selling has emerged as a powerful strategy for financial advisors. It involves using social media platforms to build relationships, engage with clients, and showcase expertise through valuable content. 

To succeed in social selling, advisors must offer content consistently that educates, informs, and connects.

But you’re a financial advisor, not a content creator. That’s marketing’s job, right?

Maybe your firm has a content creation team that shares and writes the company blog, and this content is a GREAT resource for you as a financial advisor.

But it shouldn’t be the only content resource you’re using. 

Sharing the company blog once a week, once a month, or once whenever isn’t enough to truly engage and educate your audience to build rapport. Whether we like it or not, there is a huge demand for quality content that stands out in the noisy digital landscape.

This demand for knowledge has opened up a new avenue for financial advisors: curated content or third-party content. 

Content Curation: A Game-Changer for Financial Advisors 

Curated content demonstrates a commitment to staying informed and delivering value beyond traditional advice. 

By blending curated insights with original content, financial advisors create a robust digital presence that resonates with clients and prospects alike.

The ability to curate and share valuable content that addresses client concerns and market trends has become paramount because 51% of consumers believe a brand's content isn’t authentic.

So how do you source authentic, high-quality, compliance-abiding third-party content?

This is just the job for content curation software like UpContent.

UpContent is a tool designed to streamline content discovery and curation to empower financial advisors to stay up-to-date with relevant information, ensuring they are well-prepared to address client queries and concerns. 

Our software uses a proprietary AI crawler that searches the internet for content from diverse sources, presenting advisors with a curated collection of valuable insights, news, and articles that best align with what has resonated with their audience in the past.

Navigating Compliance Challenges with AI 

But the world of finance is highly regulated, and the content you share, especially online, must adhere to industry regulations and guidelines. 

Navigating intricate regulatory landscapes requires precision and efficiency, and that’s where UpContent’s partnership with Proofpoint shines.

Proofpoint’s AI-enabled compliance solution reviews each sourced article from UpContent and undergoes an automated and thorough analysis, intelligently discerning whether the content aligns with your custom compliance requirements. 

Articles that meet your compliance criteria are instantly accessible to your team.

This has removed the compliance bottleneck for a number of our customers without diluting trust in what is being shared.

The burden of swift content approval no longer rests solely on your internal team’s shoulders. 

Instead, your team can confidently approve articles faster while maintaining unwavering adherence to both internal and external compliance mandates.

The Human Element in Tech-Driven Financial Advice 

While technology plays a pivotal role in reshaping financial advice, the human element remains irreplaceable. 

Technology amplifies advisors’ capabilities, offering tools to streamline processes and access information. 

However, the human touch—the ability to understand client aspirations, analyze complex situations, and offer personalized advice—truly sets financial advisors apart.

Looking Ahead: The Future Landscape of Financial Advice 

As technology continues its rapid evolution, the future of financial advice holds exciting possibilities. 

Artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and personalized robo-advisors are poised to reshape how advisors deliver services. 

However, the human touch will continue to be the cornerstone of effective financial advice; it just needs to adapt to technology.

Content curation software like UpContent is at the forefront of this transformation, empowering advisors to curate insights, stay informed, and engage clients effectively. 

As we embrace the future of financial advice, the fusion of technology and expertise promises to enhance client experiences, foster trust, and pave the way for a more informed and prosperous financial journey. 

With UpContent as a trusted ally, financial advisors can confidently navigate this ever-changing landscape.

If you’re interested in learning more about how UpContent can help you, watch a demo today!

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