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How Associations Can Benefit from Curated Content: 3 Examples and Success Stories

How Associations Can Benefit from Curated Content

Associations come in all shapes and sizes. They exist in nearly every space and industry and very rarely two are the same.

Each association will have a different approach, platform, and audience when it comes to educating its membership.

The amount of quality content needed for any organization is not sustainable for any internal marketing team, even if you have an army of writers.

So how does your association share great content consistently, within your niche, without spending hours and hours on creation and or manually finding third-party articles to share?

That’s where using a content discovery tool like UpContent can help. But UpContent isn’t just a one-size fits all solution.

Here at UpContent, we realize that content curation comes in many shapes and sizes, just like associations, so we created our tool to fit into your current strategy tech stack and can grow and change as your strategy changes.

We support a number of associations in their content strategies, ranging from legal associations to educational resources and even transportation associations.

We wanted to share a few examples of how different associations are utilizing UpContent to showcase that you don’t need a certain tech stack, strategy, or audience for curated content to benefit your association. 

Example #1: Association of California School Administrators

The Association of California School Administrators, also known as ACSA, created its Resource Hub for educators in 2017 as a place for free, timely, and relevant information useful to Californian educators. 

They started the hub with content their marketing team wrote, but they had a small team, and keeping up with the demand for articles was too large. 

They wanted to be seen as the go-to resource with something new every time you logged in, but how do you provide that much high-quality, valuable content on such a frequent basis?

That’s when they turned to UpContent so they could maintain a consistent flow of content.

They source content around a multitude of topics relevant to their educators and use UpContent to directly feed that content into their Resource Hub forums and email newsletters.

Their partner organizations also like that the content cards direct traffic to their websites, so they have the opportunity to market directly to their members.

“We've seen huge time savings from being able to add content to our site in just a couple clicks,” Editorial Content Specialist Michelle Carl says. 

“UpContent is an easy way for associations to curate content for their members. You don't need someone on staff creating new content. There is a lot of great content already out there, and UpContent allows us to get it to our members quickly.”

Example #2: Professional Liability Underwriting Society

The Professional Liability Underwriting Society (PLUS) uses UpContent as a tool to curate and share external professional liability insurance news and articles with their members.

They have a weekly email newsletter and utilize social media to share thought leadership with the industry they serve.

“UpContent is primarily an engagement tool for PLUS, and we are seeing click rates that are impressive considering the curated article links are at the bottom of our weekly newsletter, which means people are scrolling through the entire newsletter,” Director of Professional Development Megan Moore says.

PLUS connected UpContent directly to their email newsletter and social media accounts to allow maximum time savings without sacrificing the quality of the content they share.

“The content curated through [UpContent] has added value to our membership by sharing additional thought leadership and content without requiring a lot of staff time and resources,” Megan says.

Example #3: Metro

Metro is a transportation agency in Los Angeles, CA, and they use UpContent to keep Metro staff, planners, and engineers up to date on the latest news and current events related to public transportation, planning, transit, and related topics.

They integrate UpContent into their pre-existing website to feed curated content into their resource library.


Metro Library Image

“Using UpContent has streamlined our news curation process quicker than using our previous system,” Digital Resources Librarian Chris Salvano says.

They are also curating custom RSS feeds as a “favorite sources” Collection, filling their weekly newsletter with the “must read” articles they think their team should know about.

Curious If UpContent Can Work For You?

If you’re in need of high-quality content to share with your audience, no matter your situation, we can help you find a solution.

Curated content is a great way to establish your credibility and thought leadership while also providing valuable insights without stretching your team too thin to create it.

We can help you with content for social media, email newsletters, websites, intranets, and a number of other uses, and we integrate with some of the best tools for these uses as well, so you don’t have to change what you’re already using.

If you’d like to see how UpContent can help your association with content, schedule a call with one of our Content Curation Experts or shoot us a message in the purple chat bubble on the lower right of your screen.

You can also check out some of these other articles for more in-depth ways you can use UpContent for curated content as an association.


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