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Combine the power of UpContent’s curation technology with the tools you love to build trust and deepen relationships–without changing your tech stack.


Combine the power of UpContent’s curation technology with the tools you love to build trust and deepen relationships–without changing your tech stack.

Use UpContent With Your Favorite Tools
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Hootsuite Amplify

Increase adoption and engagement of your employee advocacy efforts with little to no additional time investment beyond their current curation efforts. Encourage crowdsourcing of articles, surface relevant content in UpContent, and send these articles directly into Hootsuite Amplify for employees to share to their audience.

Hootsuite Logo

Hootsuite Content Source

Enjoy a complete marketing solution in one easy-to-use platform, trusted by over 15 million users. Discover, read, sort, and add high-quality, relevant content to any of your social networks to spark more meaningful conversations.

chrome extension

Chrome Extension

Easily add articles that you and your team discover during their day-to-day browsing to an UpContent Collection.


EveryoneSocial Logo


EveryoneSocial is an employee advocacy platform that transforms employees into influencers by enabling them to easily create and share authentic content. 

salesforce logo

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Drag-and-drop email campaign creation using pre-approved curated content. Seamlessly access curated articles that have been pre-approved by your organization to deliver consistent email campaigns in order to position your brand and team as a trusted resource for your prospects - building relationships and driving revenue.

Fresh Finance Partner Logo

Fresh Finance

In an era where staying well-informed and delivering invaluable insights is non-negotiable, the partnership between UpContent and Fresh Finance is poised to redefine the way financial advisors access and distribute content with customized content recommendations. 

DA curate


Deliver authentic experiences through easily sharing relevant third-party content and improve conversion rates to help turn prospects into loyal customers.

Buffer logo


Scheduling your favorite content for social media at optimal intervals through Buffer is just a click away. Compose your own message and grab media to accompany your post for more engagement–right within the My.UpContent platform.

hubspot app partner


With UpContent + HubSpot, you can directly compose, and schedule, social media posts and manage curated email digest campaigns with the most trustworthy articles that match your brand's exacting criteria. Attracting, informing, and stimulating your audience while streamlining your workflow and unifying analytics.

zapier logo


Zapier allows you to instantly connect UpContent with 3,000+ apps to automate your work and find productivity super powers.

Hootsuite Logo

Hootsuite Stream

Keep a pulse on what you care most about by viewing your UpContent suggestions as a Hootsuite stream, where you can easily share your favorites through the Hootsuite compose box.

lately logo


Leverage Lately's AI-powered post generating, scheduling, and analytics technology that makes the process for discovering and distributing great articles surfaced by UpContent, seamless.

mailchimp partner logo


UpContent's partnership with Mailchimp allows you to easily, and efficiently, position your brand as a trusted resource for your subscribers through the consistent delivery of curated 3rd party articles.

wix logo

Easy Content For Wix

Easily add fresh content to your site with Easy Content. This app finds articles from all over the internet, adds them to your website and updates them as frequently as you want. All you have to do is choose the type of articles you want to display, pick a layout, and you're set!


SOCXO is an advocacy platform that enables brands to transform their stakeholders into brand advocates. SOCXO offers content discovery by partnering with UpContent to enable brands to transform their stakeholders into brand advocates.

proofpoint logo


Remove the friction for delivering compelling content caused by the need for brand and regulator compliance by automatically checking the full text of all curated articles against your firm's unique compliance and brand hygiene requirements.

rss logo


Each custom topic created within UpContent can be turned into an RSS feed for integration with your favorite social media management, email marketing, or other technology that makes your life easier and your audience more engaged.

api logo


The UpContent Public API provides access to UpContent's proprietary content curation platform, allowing developers to build powerful content discovery and curation features directly into their applications.

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