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FinServ content doesn't have to be boring.

Spice up your content mix with content curation.

Equip your team with the most relevant content to engage prospects and customers.

spice up your content
spice up your content

FinServ content doesn't have to be boring.

Equip your team with the most relevant content to engage prospects and customers.

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Scott MacDougall
Scott MacDougall

Senior Marketing and Communications Consultant


Drive leads, save time, and reduce risk

For finance professionals, security and compliance make social media strategies challenging, often stopping engagement before it even happens. However, UpContent is your all-in-one solution, designed to amplify your business's presence on social platforms without exposing you to any risks.

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More AUM Retention







Increase In Lead Conversions







Stress About Compliance

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Summit Financial uses curated content to develop their financial advisors' thought leadership on LinkedIn

This firm was able to get their financial advisors actively building their personal brands on LinkedIn using content curation. We sit down with their Director of Marketing to learn how and understand the impact.

more curated content equals more leads

Leading Canadian Insurance Company Finds That Advisors Who Share More Curated Content = More Leads

What is your business doing to provide a digital marketing strategy for your sales team? One of Canada’s largest insurance companies increased sales productivity by adding curated content to their social selling strategy, discover how.

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BrandMuscle Leverages Localized Content to Increase Social Media Engagement for Clients

Sharing localized content can be a critical requirement for engaging with your audience. But how can an organization that supports hundreds of locations ensure that each credibly reflects the company's presence in that community in a scalable way?

What You Get With UpContent

Effortlessly streamline content curation, guaranteeing compliance and maximum efficiency.


Easily create approval workflows that match the needs of your organization - ensuring only articles that meet proper approvals are released.


Create automated rules for "hands-free" curation whether you are automating the full flow, or a single step.


Seamless, integration-first, approach makes delivery of custom curated insights across all digital channels as easy as a single click.


Proprietary crawler scours the web to discover articles from hundreds of thousands of publishers.

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Machine learning algorithms help bring the best article for your needs to the forefront.


Tap into the expertise of your entire team.

Jenna Bloomgarden
Jenna Bloomgarden | Director of Marketing and Advisor Development at Summit Financial

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