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Frequently Asked Questions

Does UpContent create content for me?

UpContent won’t create content specifically for your company. 

Our software doesn’t create any content at all.

Our AI crawler gathers content related to your industry and target-audience interests that you can share with your audience or help create content for your business.

Will UpContent republish content to my website?

UpContent isn’t designed to be just an RSS feed you can plug into your website and create unique content for your site. 

A strong content curation strategy is not about dumping RSS feeds on people and having them wade through every article about a topic to find the pieces that might interest them.

UpContent organizes collections of articles you can repurpose and reshare on different channels that you should customize with your thoughts.

Is UpContent a CMS? (Content Management System)

UpContent supports your overall distribution strategy you are implementing with other tools, but we are not another content management system like HubSpot or Hootsuite.

UpContent's focus is to support you in the discovery, collaboration, and optimization of your curated content. ‍

We partner with some of the best social, email, web, and other distribution technologies to lean on their expertise in getting what you curate to your audience - and ensuring you don't have a siloed curation approach.

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