About UpContent

We are a team of proud Pittsburghers who are committed to those that believe that great relationships are built on trust–and that trust is formed by providing valuable content

Why does UpContent exist?

We seek to become your platform of choice when it comes to the discovery, curation, and distribution of compelling articles. With the volume of content available reaching deafening levels, UpContent exists to help organizations cut through this noise and serve those who look to them for insight - building trust and easing the burden of credible engagement.

How Will UpContent achieve this vision?

We listen. Each new feature introduced by the UpContent team has deep roots in our conversations with our customers. You may notice upon signing up with us that we are heavy on customer support and conversation. It is only through understanding from you how the articles we surface are used - and where friction still exists - that we can continue to become a better solution. We look forward to hearing what our next offering should be.

Where'd UpContent come from?

In 2015, UpContent was born within a marketing services company responsible for executing content marketing strategies. It was in this execution that the team realized just how inefficient and infuriating finding and using great articles was. After our search for a tool to make our lives simpler came up empty, we decided to create one.  In 2017, we took the plunge and separated from the services company to wholly dedicate ourselves to the UpContent platform.

What's next for UpContent?

At UpContent, we seek to become your platform of choice for content discovery, curation, and distribution by continuing to bring you the best in:

  • Surfacing the articles that will bring you greatest benefit;
  • Making curation friction-free by bringing together articles discovered through a variety of manual and automated sources (including our own discovery engine);
  • Providing the opportunity for seamless collaboration to allow your clients and/or teammates to share their insights on articles that will best achieve your brand’s goals; and
  • Easing the burden of engagement by partnering with the best-in-class distribution technologies wherever curated content can drive results.

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Meet the Team

We're a small, but mighty team dedicated to serving our users' curation needs. Oh, and we're pretty proud to say that we have yet to miss a 2 PM snack time.

Carter Fort

Lead Front-End Dev

Carter implements the team vision of the UpContent app by working with Kevin on the back-end, Jae on UI/UX, Marissa on marketing and messaging, Tom on customer feedback, and Scott on broad direction.

Jae-Won Kim

UX Designer

Jae serves to create and enhance a better user experience that is effortless and enjoyable for our customers through design.

Kevin Sapp

Data Scientist & Backend Dev

Kevin builds, maintains, and improves the core of UpContent's discovery tools, ensuring content is always available and ready for user's curation needs. He also explores how to use this content for feature development.

Marissa Burdett

Director of Marketing

Marissa serves as the bridge between UpContent, the brand, and its users—developing and executing marketing strategy through engaging content and partnerships and regularly advocating for users in product feature development.

Scott Rogerson

Founder & CEO

Scott’s focus centers on the formation of lasting relationships with UpContent’s customers and partners. He is also lead Scout – helping define the team’s priorities in order to best serve the current, and future, needs of our customers.

Tom Sloan

Customer Success

Tom's role is to help users get the most out of their UpContent experience. Answering questions, providing proactive support, and managing the knowledge-base makes sure our users are never in the dark.

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