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Navigating the Economic Uncertainty: How Content Curation Can Enhance Your B2B Marketing Strategy

navigating uncertainty

With the health of the economy in question for 2024, marketing and sales strategies must shift across every industry, even more so for B2B companies.

As market uncertainties loom, the question on every marketer's mind is increasingly becoming: "If the economy continues to struggle in 2024, will our products still be considered a good investment by buyers?" 

This pressing concern calls for innovative strategies to ensure that when funds become available, your company and your solution are on the shortlist, if not already the preferred vendor for these prospects.

This means that marketers, sales reps, advisors, and anyone in the sales funnel will have to adapt and give their prospects what they need: valuable information, resources, and research - without immediately expecting anything in return.

Educating audiences by providing them with the relevant content they want and need is something that UpContent, a leading content curation software, has been helping companies with for more than six years.

By enabling your sales team to curate and share insightful content it helps address deep-seated buyer concerns and maintain brand visibility even in turbulent times.

In this article, we’ll discuss the shifts we predict will happen in marketing in 2024, the power of content curation, and how to position your brand for the economic rebound.

How Marketing and Sales is Changing in 2024

Almost every industry faces the challenges brought by the economic uncertainty we are all facing. 

Studies like Gartner’s annual report on spending reveal that while companies are looking to invest in technologies, marketing, and other aspects of their business, 70% regret their purchase.                                                                              

During economic downturns, buyer behavior shifts significantly. Purchasing decisions are postponed, but research and consideration continue. 

A report by McKinsey & Company on B2B decision-making highlights that buyers spend more time researching and are more selective about where they invest their budgets. 

In such a scenario, marketers, sales reps, and advisors need to understand that while buyers may not be purchasing, they are actively preparing for when the economic conditions stabilize. 

Being a part of their consideration set during this phase is crucial.

Level 2 and 3 Pain Points: Going Beyond the Surface

Addressing pain points involves understanding and responding to prospects' more profound, often unarticulated, needs. 

Harvard Business Review’s research on customer value propositions underscores the importance of addressing both obvious needs (Level 1) and more complex and emotional concerns (Levels 2 and 3). 

Marketers often start with Level 1 pain points, the customer's most immediate and obvious problems. However, to truly resonate with your audience and differentiate your offering, it's crucial to understand and address Level 2 and Level 3 pain points.

Level 2 pain points revolve around the customer's operational inefficiencies, process bottlenecks, and productivity issues. 

These pain points are more in-depth than Level 1 and often require a thorough understanding of the customer's day-to-day operations and business processes. 

Level 3 pain points are the most profound and are related to the customer's long-term strategic goals and aspirations. 

These pain points are often tied to the growth, scalability, and future positioning of the customer's business. They reflect the underlying fears, aspirations, and critical challenges that impact the company's long-term success and market position.

This year, you need to show your prospects the immediate benefits of your solution and how it aligns with their operational efficiencies and long-term strategic goals.

This approach sets you apart from competitors and deeply resonates with your target audience, building a stronger, more meaningful connection that goes beyond the surface.

The Power of Content Curation in Addressing Deep-Seated Buyer Concerns

By consistently curating high-quality, relevant content, B2B companies can address complex buyer concerns, providing insights and value that align with their deeper needs. 

This strategy positions your brand as a thought leader, shows that you understand and appreciate the Level 2 and 3 pain points they may be experiencing, and builds trust with your prospects.

During the research phase of the buyer's journey, providing your prospects with well-curated, informative content is key. 

You know they are researching, so helping them with their research by having what they want to understand easily and readily available shows that you understand their journey and are there to support them through every stage.

UpContent assists in selecting and presenting content that is not only relevant but also provides the depth and context buyers seek when making decisions under economic constraints - along with the best next step to convert.

Several of our clients have experienced a notable uptick in the distribution of their proprietary content after integrating curated content into their strategy. 

Consider one of Canada's most prominent life insurance firms. They witnessed a significant surge in the sharing of their team's original content and a substantial increase in lead generation.

Positioning Your Brand for Economic Rebound

Being on a prospect's shortlist when budgets are tight can position your brand for success when the economic conditions improve. 

Continuous engagement through curated content ensures that your brand remains top-of-mind, making it a preferred choice once the buying cycle resumes.

It's tempting to cut back on marketing efforts during economic downturns, but staying visible is critical. 

Use this time to consistently engage with your audience through valuable content. This will keep your brand top-of-mind and demonstrate your commitment to providing value, regardless of the economic climate.

Establishing your brand as a thought leader is a powerful way to build trust and credibility. 

Share insights, research, and trends to help your clients navigate uncertain times. 

By providing guidance and valuable information, you position your brand as a well-equipped industry leader to help clients succeed now and in the future.

Next Steps To Marketing During Economy Uncertainty

The current economic climate demands a shift in how B2B marketers approach their strategy. 

By focusing on deeper pain points, leveraging the power of content curation, and staying relevant during the research phase, your brand can survive and thrive in uncertain times. 

As you navigate these challenging times, consider how UpContent can enhance your marketing strategy by providing your audience with a fresh stream of curated content with our AI-powered software. 

Watch a five-minute demo today to learn more about our services and how we can help you stay ahead this year. 

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