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Transform Your Captions With UpContent's AI Post Text Generation Tool

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One of the things we have tried to help our customers with when adding curated content to their content marketing strategies is automating as much as possible while still providing an effective and valuable experience for their audience.

UpContent offers the ability to automate content discovery and sharing, but it's important to remember that the captions for social media posts and blurbs in email newsletters still require a personal touch to create an authentic feel.

The challenge was that these captions weren't always great. They may have summarized the content but didn't spark a desire to act, didn't match the voice and tone of our customer doing the sharing, and just weren't created in a way that best fit the platform it was being shared to, whether that be email, social media, or their website.

However, given the advancements we have seen with generative AI, our team took on the challenge of integrating those capabilities (starting with OpenAI)I to help you automate yet another step in the content curation process without having to rely on what the author created alone.

Adding a well-written caption to your curated articles makes it easier to share your content with your audience. 

It also encourages those that you are supporting (we’re looking at you sales team and employee advocates) to share more frequently and personalize the message with just a few changes.

Say goodbye to the tedious task of brainstorming and writing captions manually!

UpContent's new AI Post Text Generation feature is here to streamline how you create captions for your curated articles.

This powerful tool uses advanced AI algorithms to analyze the context and key points of your curated content, generating captions that capture the essence of each article based on the entire article, not just a meta description or title.

With AI Post Text Generation, you can save time and effort while ensuring consistency and quality across the shareable text for all your curated articles.

By combining your carefully curated content with captivating captions, you have the power to amplify your influence and ignite stronger engagement with your audience.

But how is our AI Post Text Generation different from other generative AI models? Is it the same as ChatGPT?

We talked with Full Stack Engineer Sabina Hartnett, who focuses on all things artificial intelligence here at UpContent, about AI Post text Generation and what sets this apart from other generative AI software.

What is AI Post Text Generation?

AI Post Text Generation analyzes the articles UpContent curates for you and automatically generates a caption based on the article text in the voice you prescribe and for the destination you select - without having to set these parameters for each article.

This tool applies advanced Large Language Models (LLMs) to the article’s full text to understand the context and key points of the curated content, allowing it to create engaging captions that capture the essence of the article.

"If you are sourcing your content from UpContent, and we're already automating so much for you, we want to go that step further and provide an optimized blurb you can post to your sharing platforms without any additional work on your end," Sabina says.

"We made it so that a customer can say, 'I want to automate my curated content from a Topic or Collection into all these various sources, and have post-text generated for me using an advanced large language model, all while only  making a small change to my Collection settings.'"

By leveraging AI Post Text Generation, users can save time and effort in creating captions for their curated content.

Instead of manually brainstorming and writing captions, UpContent's AI can do it automatically, ensuring consistency and quality across all curated articles.

"It's super easy to have specific captions unique to the place you're sharing, too. You can set up a Collection, integrate it with your LinkedIn, and create a specific 'agent' or voice to be the tone of the captions generated," Sabina says.

"We’ve created and fully integrated the prompt that will query the large language model. And you can still do a human check if you want to make sure you put eyes on it before it gets sent out."

How is it Different From Generative AI?

UpContent’s AI Post Text Generation is a specific application of generative AI that focuses on creating captions for curated content.

While generative AI is a broad term referring to AI models that generate text, AI Post Text Generation integrates the power of a caption generator within the UpContent tool without you having to copy and paste back and forth.

Unlike other generative AI models, which may not fully understand the context and nuances of the curated articles, UpContent's AI Post Text Generation is configured to parse each article into a unique post.

"A lot of other platforms are using smaller bits of data, but we are directly using the article body content that we've scraped and collected already, and we're passing that into the query," Sabina says.

This specialization allows the model to generate captions that accurately reflect the content and provide valuable context to your audience, so when it appears in whatever program you're using to share content, a unique caption is pre-generated based on the content.

One of our customers, Nathan Lenyszyn, is the Vice President of Marketing at HealthLink Dimensions and has been using AI Post Text Generation for the 150 articles being sources for his strategies by UpContent each month.

“We have two sentences that are crafted for us using this technology in a voice that matches our brand for every single article that UpContent finds for HealthLink Dimensions,” Nathan says. 

I'd say a good portion of the captions we share are, if not completely written, were at least conceptualized or initially drafted with this feature. Using UpContent’s AI Post Text Generation saves me a ton of time, and it helps us have a consistent brand voice in the marketplace.”

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What Makes This Different Than ChatGPT?

While ChatGPT is a popular AI model that generates human-like text based on prompts, UpContent's AI Post Text Generation is designed to create captions for curated content discovered by our proprietary AI crawler.

Unlike ChatGPT, which focuses on generating conversational responses, AI Post Text Generation analyzes the curated articles. It extracts key information to create concise and impactful captions based on an "agent's" voice that your team can create.

This allows your captions to reflect your brand voice, tone, and writing style instead of sounding like a generic robot pumping out a summary.

"So we're essentially saying to ChatGPT, 'Read this entire article and then give me a text based on the specifics I've also given you. I want a summary from the perspective of an expert on the subject. And here's the entire content of the article,'" Sabina says. 

This is a setting enacted at the Collection level, which means you don't have to "push the button" for each article.

AI Post Text Generation is automatically creating captions for each article so it can be infused into any workflow whether fully automated, hybrid, or fully manual.

You don't have to go back and forth between UpContent and generative AI software. This feature does that behind the scenes for you. 

And, by using an external LLM - we have access to an UNBELIEVABLE model - trained on billions of data points and hosted on expensive servers, eliminating the need to leave and return to different platforms and streamlining your content-sharing process.

“I think it's going to be increasingly imperative for brands using an automated process for sharing third-party publisher’s content to be writing those captions yourself in your brand voice or using something like what UpContent has developed,” Nathan says.

“I just don't think that sticking with whatever the publisher wrote is going to cut it. I think people's expectations are higher in that they're looking for authenticity.”

Next Steps To Use UpContent’s AI Post Text Generation

The goal of AI Post Text generation is to help you automate even more of your content curation process while still building the authenticity of your brand and team.

“It’s so easy to polish the captions generated. We don't have to have a social media manager or managers for all these different social properties that we maintain, so I'm able to get our content edited and scheduled in just an hour or two a week and then back to my normal job,” Nathan says.

To get started using UpContent's AI Post Text Generation, you will need

  1. An UpContent Engager, Orchestrator, or Enterprise plan. 
  2. An OpenAI account and API access key.

This feature is available to our current Engager, Orchestrator, and Enterprise customers; check out our Learn Center to set up your account!

Not yet a subscriber to one of these plans? If you'd like to see this feature in action, you can try it out for free for 14 days!