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Keep Your Brand Authentically Consistent: How HCPToday Is Using UpContent To Streamline Content And Captions With UpContent

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Content is vital to any organization’s marketing strategy in 2024. Authentic content is even harder to come by in this ever-evolving age of AI, but there is a difference between noise and value.

HealthLink Dimensions, a premier healthcare data and list company, developed a concept to share relevant and helpful content with their clients and prospects to read, share, and use.

They conceptualized a website that later developed into HCPToday, a clinical news and insights resource for the clinicians in their database at HealthLink Dimensions. 

The problem? How do you supply enough content for 23 medical specialties without a massive team of researchers, copywriters, and subject matter experts?

This was precisely what HealthLink Dimensions Chief Marketing Officer Nathan Lenyszyn was trying to solve, and they had looked at many different aggregation tools, trying to piecemeal a solution together.

But when Nathan found UpContent, their concept became a reality, and has expanded not just into a web resource but also a social media strategy and email newsletter with 600,000+ sends a month, all filled with valuable, relevant content that’s generating more traffic than the original content their team was creating. 

Creating A Hands Off Content Flow 

Nathan took advantage of UpContent’s Topics and Collections by setting up 23 Topics tailored to and built for all the specialties they wanted to provide content. 

“When we first launched HCPToday with UpContent, it was great because it took alot of research time off the table for our team. Everything was automated, and we had a smooth and seamless recurring list of highly relevant content that not only was put into newsletter format for us but was also pushed onto our website,” Nathan recollects. 

He says UpContent helped them become a web and newsletter resource by collecting and organizing third-party content. 

“UpContent is giving us the ability to reach healthcare providers and provide them something highly relevant and valuable,” Nathan says. 

Using AI for Post-Text Generation

UpContent recently launched a new feature, AI Post Text Generation, which automatically crafts captions from the articles curated by UpContent. This process occurs automatically for all approved articles rather than having to manually generate each, creating text in your chosen style and for your specified platform.

Nathan was excited to try this new feature and worked with our Content Curation Experts to develop the brand voice for HCPToday so that each abstract sounded like the brand. 

We have two sentences that are crafted uniquely for us using this technology for every single article that UpContent finds for HealthLink Dimensions, and that helps us from everything from HCPToday content to many of the articles that HealthLink Dimensions shares on LinkedIn,” Nathan says. 

“I'd say a good portion of that language was, if not completely written, at least conceptualized or initially drafted usingUpContent and ChatGPT 3.5. This capability saves me a ton of time and helps us have a consistent brand voice in the marketplace.”

Creating Custom Automated Workflows Based On Levels Of Human Approval

 HCPToday doesn’t necessarily have compliance or regulatory requirements because of the type of content they share, but the reputational angle is critical.

Nathan wanted to ensure that the curated content they shared for the entire organization met high standards from reputable sources, and he needed to feel confident in software that could do that consistently. 

“I was able to feel comfortable with the publisher allow and block listing feature in UpContent. We have a very finite and selective list of sources that UpContent pulls from for us. And because those sources are all top-tier, I feel pretty confident about the content they pull,” Nathan says. 

His approval process varies based on the content’s destination. Still, UpContent makes that easy by compiling all the curated content into organized, automated spaces across a wide spectrum of levels. 

“From a reputation perspective, posting something for HealthLink Dimensions on social media pages is the most important thing for us. I also check everything that UpContent pulls for that Collection,” Nathan says. 

“I greenlight individual articles and double and triple-check any copy that's written for sharing those articles before I add them to Buffer, so I don't have the full automation turned on there. I basically have different levels of, ‘How mission critical is this from a brand reputation perspective? 'How critical would it be if something was a little bit off?’ And the more critical something is, the more hands-on I am with it.”

HCPToday and its email newsletter are also on different levels of “autopilot,” with the majority of the process automated The HCPToday website is fully automated, and Nathan reviews the first draft of the email newsletter UpContent generates, approves it once he likes the articles in it. 

“If there's an article I don’t want to be included in the newsletter, I just remove it, and UpContent suggests another article to fill its place. For our website, I have a collection of articles, and I pick and choose what I want to share and upload it to Buffer,” Nathan says.

“Roughly 80%-90% of the content we post with HCPToday can be on autopilot. And when we send a newsletter, I manually check everything, but I'm checking a first draft of the newsletter with articles in it,” Nathan says as he describes his content curation process.

Utilizing AI To Save Time Without Sacrificing Authenticity

Now, with the processes and automation built and running in UpContent, Nathan says he is able to run multiple marketing efforts in a fraction of the time it would normally take.

“We would need researchers, or a researcher at the very least, working with several Google Alerts, tweaking, combing, and sorting through all that information, to find enough content for these efforts,” he says.

Instead of crafting every email newsletter and social media post from scratch, he can work with a solid first draft generated with UpContent’s email newsletter feature that automatically recommends the best articles for each specialty and drafts a custom summary based upon the voice Nathan has defined.

“I often tweak it. But again, I'm starting with a first draft, which saves me a ton of time. I can queue up a week and a half worth of social media content in an hour, and they're good articles,” Nathan says.

“It may be as simple as me just creating a new image I want to share with an article, changing a sentence, or adding a hashtag - really easy edits. We don't have to have a social media manager or managers for all these different social properties that we maintain. I can get it done in an hour or two a week and be back to my normal job.”

Before UpContent, HCPToday didn’t have much content, but now, it’s an active and thriving website, along with a newsletter with over half a million recipients.

“Beginning this year [2024], we have 600,000 recipients who get an HCPToday newsletter. Last year, the site was almost dormant, and we just had passive traffic coming from social media,” Nathan says.

“UpContent allows us to measure the types of articles and publications that resonate with the physicians in our database. We can see by specialty which types of articles and publishers are producing the content that these physicians with this specialty profile care about. This enables us to optimize the content being delivered and leverage these insights to inform other communications strategies.”

Mixing It Up Produced Better Results

Before sharing curated content, Nathan hired a team of freelancers to write content to share on social media and HCPToday around a variety of topics, posting a couple of times a week.

But since adding in curated content, they’ve seen that sharing content created by other reputable sources has increased their engagement across platforms, and freed their team up to create content that really showcases their strength. 

“We can keep our social channels vibrant by sharing other people's content. And then we add our own take when there's something important for us to talk about,” Nathan says. “Our audience tends to engage with the UpContent content more than they did the articles that we were producing on our own.”

Being Authentic With Automation And AI

If you’ve read it before, you’ve read it more than 100 times at this point: if what you’re sharing doesn’t come across as genuine and authentic, you will lose your credibility.

Because anyone can access AI, and everyone is trying to compete in the content world, standing out and providing actual value is more challenging now than ever.

Shortcuts won’t cut it anymore, but learning how to use the tools and skills AI provides to create authenticity is where content marketing is heading. 

“I just don't think sticking with whatever the publisher hooked with an article is going to cut it anymore. I think people's expectations for authenticity are higher than they used to be,” Nathan comments. 

This is where that human touch becomes so vital to any content you or your team is sharing. 

“We like to think of our process as AI-augmented. We're facilitating these processes and sharing them with AI, and I would say to someone who's looking at UpContent: You need personalization. You need to speak in your brand voice if you're truly looking to build authentic relationships,” Nathan says.  

“If you don't have the team to do it the old-fashioned way, AI Post Text Generation can help you get there. But do know that you need your team to double-check things appropriately when reputation is on the line.”

Next Steps To Help Keep Your Brand Authentically Consistent

Nathan says the partnership with UpContent provided a comprehensive, turnkey solution that significantly advanced their content strategy. Beyond merely sourcing articles, UpContent enabled the creation of an entire ecosystem encompassing their website, newsletter, and creative output, efficiently addressing their multifaceted needs. 

“We only embarked on this project once we knew that UpContent was a solution that we could deploy. Prior to that, we had been looking at healthcare-specific news aggregation publishers to see if there was a healthcare publisher source that we could partner with. But UpContent allowed us to do so much more and become publisher agnostic with our mission, which was more valuable to our readership,” Nathan says.

If you want to learn more about how UpContent can help provide unstructured content for your client relationship strategy, you can watch a demo to see how UpContent works. 

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