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UpContent and Sniply Join Forces To Increase The Power of External Content

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Sharing an article from a credible, third-party source is a great way to establish your role as a thought leader online. 

It’s not just you touting your opinions. Other experts are saying what you say too, putting you in league with them. 

But when sharing curated content, you send people away from your website, social media, or email to read these great thought leadership pieces. How are you supposed to keep them returning to you as the source of great content?

Solving that problem for you has been at the forefront of UpContent and Sniply’s minds for half a decade, and now we’re excited to make it even better. 

We’ve been partners since 2018 because even then, we recognized the value of having a strong engine for discovering the right article to bring to your audience and having a way to remind them that you were the one who shared that article.

So we’re now bringing together the power of discovering and recommending the best article for you to share next that will engage your audience while also providing the ability to increase your brand awareness and convert leads with a custom banner.

What Is Happening With UpContent and Sniply?

Sniply is now under the UpContent umbrella, with the goal of helping individuals, small businesses, and enterprises get more from their use of external content. 

This was the next logical step, allowing us to move even faster in providing you with top-rated customer service and high-powered solutions.

"As the original founder of, and having worked with Scott as one of our main customers for many years, I am quite happy about this transaction because it's a pretty perfect fit as a new home for,” Sniply’s founder, Michael Cheng says.

UpContent is G2’s top-rated for best relationships and customer service, and we are excited to bring that same level of excellence to Sniply customers so they get the most out of their current curation strategy.

How This Affects Your Use of Sniply

We are committed to continuing to provide the Sniply and UpContent services you already enjoy, and - given that these technologies have been integrated for more than five years - we invite you to explore how using both technologies together can make your curation strategy and results even more impactful.

“Sniply’s best-in-class technology for elegantly presenting the sharer’s brand while preserving the authenticity and value of the visit to the content creator attracted us as a partner in 2018,” says Scott A. Rogerson, UpContent Founder and CEO.

“That sentiment has only grown stronger as we are now excited to support both Sniply customers and those UpContent customers who wish to add this capability directly,” he continues.

For our customers who are already using both tools, getting the support you need for success has just become easier because both UpContent and Sniply’s capabilities are unified into a single team

As the customer, you will be getting a single support structure that has full visibility into both the UpContent and Sniply worlds.

If you need support or have questions, you can use the same communication channels you have always used, whether with Sniply or UpContent. 

Is Sniply going away?


Sniply isn’t going anywhere, and you don’t have to either.

Our fully aligned team can now move even faster, bringing you greater value in your curation efforts.

This year, UpContent announced its new Smart Seller feature, allowing individual calls to action to be dynamically applied based on the variables in the article URL.

This allows for each member of your team or each share of an article in different digital channels to have their own unique banner presented - without having to go through the manual effort of creating links for each share or having all traffic be sifted into a funnel of digital doom.

“With the capabilities of UpContent and Sniply, our customers can now be offered the best article to share next based upon their topical interests and what will resonate best with their specific audience,” Scott says.

Sniply’s release of V3 capabilities this year allows for better coverage, better performance, and more options for how you wish to associate your brand with the content you share, making it easier for teams ranging from one to thousands to get more out of sharing curated content. 

“We are excited about the possibilities this can unlock for our current and future customers,” Scott adds.

“They can seamlessly deliver this article with one of our industry-leading social media, email, website, or other distribution partners and drive conversions via a customized overlay banner that is dynamically applied based upon who is sharing it and where it is being shared.”

How You Can Increase The Power Of Your External Content

Using a custom CTA on the external content you’re sharing allows your audience to have a deeper relationship with you through the article you’ve shared.

If you’re already using Sniply, with or without UpContent, ensure you’re taking advantage of Sniply’s latest CTA updates, campaign management, and analytics to access the full potential of custom marketing ads for your curated content.

If you’re using UpContent and are not currently using Sniply on your third-party articles, reach out to our Customer Success Team today to see how you can get started with adding custom ads to the third-party content you’re sharing.

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