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Eliminate Writer’s Block for Social Media Marketers

Marketing software integration saves businesses time and money through content curation and artificial intelligence.

Today, UpContent announced a seamless integration with Lately, to address two key, compounding, challenges to building your social media audience by consistently surfacing relevant, interesting, valuable content and, automatically crafting the best social media posts that drives engagement.

The integration pairs Lately’s Artificial Intelligence-powered marketing dashboard with UpContent’s curated content management platform for optimal time-saving, efficiency and increased engagement through organization, centralized processes, best practices, article discovery, collaboration and scalable distribution.

Marketers will be able to find blogs and articles that are most relevant to their businesses in half the time, triple their social media marketing content pipeline and develop better social media posts faster with up to 50% more engagement.

“We founded Lately to give marketers the ability to create and execute content like a world-class marketing agency for a fraction of the cost,” said Kate Bradley Chernis, CEO of Lately.

“Joining UpContent’s unique ability to surface the articles that matter with Lately’s Artificial Intelligence-powered social media post generation, organization, scheduling and publication will allow for even greater efficiency and better results.

It's really all about saving time and saving money – and this partnership allows us to double down on both for our customers.”

With 55% of B2B marketers having small or single-person marketing teams (2018, Content Marketing Institute) there simply isn’t enough bandwidth to achieve the ratio of curated content across social media profiles (60%-70% of posts) that maximizes conversion rates (2016, The Search Agency).

The main time investments that make this prohibitive are (A) manually scouring the web to identify articles that are relevant, engaging, and informative and (B) crafting the related social post for each network that will maximize reach and engagement.

With UpContent, marketers can quickly scrutinize from a set of articles that match their exacting criteria and immediately review and intelligently schedule expertly drafted social media posts for each network that consider their brand’s criteria and strategic goals.

"Combine the challenge of curating content with writing about it and the fact that marketers waste $83 Billion dollars each year specifically due to disorganization and you've got an epidemic," Chernis, a former marketing agency owner explained.

“We’ve all faced the anxiety associated with crafting the perfect social post for a curated article – honoring the publisher while also inserting your brand into the conversation,” said Scott Rogerson, UpContent’s CEO.

“The direct feed to Lately’s post Autogenerator™ makes the time from article discovery to expertly crafted social post, nonexistent. With this partnership, our customers can opt to share rather than sit upon that great article – and their audience will thank them for it.”

Together, Lately and UpContent are looking forward to helping the brands supported by small or single-person marketing teams ease the burden of serving as a trusted resource, increase the frequency and maintain consistency with which they share curated articles that inform and engage, and ensure these efforts translate into measurable achievement of their marketing and sales objectives.

About UpContent

UpContent exists to build trust and deepen relationships between its customers and those they wish to engage.

It uniquely combines a proprietary discovery engine that surfaces news and blog articles that meet its customers' exacting standards, a collaboration-focused platform to help infuse a company’s distributed expertise in the review and approval of articles, and a suite of integrations and partnerships that make distribution of articles to social media, email, website, and digital signage applications friction-free - ensuring that great articles are not only found, but exhibited in the locations where they can be most impactful to a company’s marketing, sales, and professional development efforts. To learn more, visit

About Lately

Lately’s Autogenerator™ instantly turns longform content into dozens of pre-hashtagged and pre-shortlinked social media posts so marketers can repurpose blogs, press releases, newsletters, white papers and video and audio transcripts.

Lately then automatically organizes this content into a marketing dashboard alongside multi-channel social media scheduling and bulk publishing, task management, marketing calendaring, RSS feed management, analytics, reporting and more - from a single login.

Each year, according to IBM, marketers waste upwards of $83 Billion by failing to organize, consolidate and streamline their fundamental marketing processes common to every business regardless of industry or size.

Lately is the first self-service SaaS platform that centralizes these processes into a single dashboard, pulling back the “black curtain” of marketing so anyone – from CMOs to nonprofits to 30 million U.S. small business owners – can understand and execute all their marketing in one place at an affordable price point.

Lately is also a 2017 graduate of Grand Central Tech, a 2015 graduate of the Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator (ERA), as well as a recipient of a $355,000 Microsoft grant, a $24,000 IBM grant and a $12,000 Stripe grant.

To learn more about Lately and how you can be part of its success, visit

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