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Honored and Humbled to be Recognized as a Curation Leader by G2

Here at UpContent, we're humbled to share the exciting news we've been honored as a  leader in content curation by G2 once again.

High rankings included having the best in customer support, being the easiest to do business with, and having superior relationships with our customers in the content curation category. This recognition is directly in line with our core values.

Who is G2?

G2 is "the world's largest tech marketplace where businesses can discover, review, and manage the technology they need to reach their potential."

They beg an important question when it comes to the acquisition of vital information when they asked why it is often easier to get real reviews about a $100 hotel room rather than $100,000 software.

Back in 2012, five entrepreneurs asked themselves this very same question and founded G2.

Nearly a decade later, more than 3 million people visit their website to read and write authentic, non-biased reviews about thousands of different types of software products and professional services.

There are over a million reviews available on everything from accounting services to video conferencing including content curation, management, and distribution.

Why We've Found G2 Reviews to Be Credible

According to their culture code for both employee conduct and business practices, G2 strives to always operate at their "P.E.A.K." This acronym equates to their definitive explanation about its meaning:

  • Performance: G2 believes this is where it all starts inside a working environment where everyone is doing their job well and to the best of their abilities.
  • Entrepreneurship: By definition, entrepreneurship is the process of creating a new enterprise and bearing any of its risks with the objective of making a profit. As G2 continues to grow, they are striving to improve on a daily level.
  • Authenticity: Similar to how G2 communicates internally, their reviews are 100% real and authentic.
  • Kindness: G2 also believes doing great work begins with kindness, compassion, and heart.

Why UpContent?

At the core of its values, we strive to build great relationships and lasting partnerships through not only providing the best solution for content curation, but by supporting our customers in its use - ensuring the maximum value from their subscription.

With over 2.75 million posts published per day on the popular WordPress platform alone, the volume of content available on the internet is reaching deafening levels.

In order to effectively cut through this noise and clutter online, UpContent delivers insightful, trust-building, engaging material - easing the burden of credible engagement and connecting with your target audience.

How UpContent Can Translate to Customer Success?

In one of the more recent reviews about UpContent, Jake shared in his five-star rating that UpContent, "provides excellent content, service, and more."

Jake continued to share that:

" The functionality and the support from the staff. UpContent provides thousands of pieces of content to share, and makes it easy to share with our audience. And should we run into new updates on WordPress or some other unforeseen issue, the staff are immediate in their response and incredibly helpful."

As the world's leading content publishing platform, seamless operation, and nearly complete compatibility with WordPress is a must in the content-sharing community.

When asked how the solution translated into solving business challenges, Jake noted that:

"With UpContent, we're able to find relevant content to share with our community and with potential clients. We can show that our company is on the pulse of the latest news in our field, and provide confidence to potential clients as experts in our field."

Using patent-pending technology, UpContent reduces the amount of time searching for relevant content by an average of 65% and is available as a premier Hootsuite Content Source and Stream or as a standalone application.

What Are Other Customers Saying?

In a similar Q&A format, Satheesh Kumar, a leading digital marketer reports UpContent is a valuable asset to him and his team.

Kumar goes on to comment on the many things he appreciates from its services including getting fresh topics on items that are searched. Satheesh says using saved searches for future references, he is always surprised with new and fresh content.

How does UpContent Compare to a Standard Search Engine?

Inside other comments offered by an unnamed customer in the computer software industry, a user shared it's the "best tool for third-party content curation."  They relayed their experience utilizing UpContent as an incredible way to pull content based material using popular keyword search(es). There was a comparison made within their comments saying shared the opinion that if Google Search and a Social Listening tool were combined (or had a baby using their words) was for the greater good.

This anonymous UpContent commentator continued to share how easy it is to use and figure out how to set up continuous search queries that are extremely useful. This includes pulling up the most relevant content available to share on their various social media platforms along with their website. The user also stated they found it "amazing" when sharing this content with integration allowing third-party call-to-action overlays that drive traffic and lead generation in association with the content that's shared.

What Else Can UpContent Support?

UpContent analyzes millions of articles that are published every month to ensure we're bringing your business, and its audience, only the best.

Our integration with many of the tools and software businesses and users are already accustomed to using ensures content acquisition and distribution is quick and easy instead of time-consuming and complicated.

Part of the UpContent process includes converting readers into customers while retaining their interest, trust, and loyalty.

A committed audience understands the quality and importance of this regularly published information.

Data and information that provides value to its readers are at the cornerstone of what sharing content is all about when it comes to building a relationship that goes both ways for businesses and consumers.

How Can Curated Content Help You?

Especially when looking at moving into the New Year, now it's more important than ever to have access to this type of fresh and relevant content.

Consider booking a thirty-minute appointment to discuss your marketing, sales, or HR goals - and explore if UpContent can help. Let's work together to get you and your team on the same page with content creation and curation.

Remember, your success is our success. We're committed to providing you, your brand, and your business with not only the best solution for your needs, but the service and support that will help ensure its success.

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