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The Wrap Up: Q1 2021

Hi Everyone! Welcome back to UpContent’s video and blog series, The Wrap Up! 

In this installment, we will be covering 3 new features and welcoming a few new team members to the UpContent team! 

Zapier Integrations with UpContent

Zapier helps smooth things out whenever it comes to notifying team members, automatically scheduling social media posts and automatically sending out HTML emails.

With UpContent and Zapier's integration, we can set up triggering events that come from the UpContent platform, to prompt actions within Zapier!

Zapier is a great tool to have in your toolbox when it comes to content curation by smoothly automating processes. All paid plan levels can take advantage of this new integration. Ask us about including Zapier in your workflow today

Curate by UpContent

If you’re a Hootsuite user, we’re sure you’ve seen the change from UpContent to Curate by UpContent.

Curate by UpContent is a Hootsuite exclusive version of UpContent that provides a seamless experience for Hootsuite customers seeking to share curated articles to their branded profiles and with their team through Hootsuite Amplify - all while still enjoying the opportunity to bring these same insights to email campaigns, web pages, and other channels. 

If you are interested in learning more about Curate by UpContent for Hootsuite, click here, or you can set up some time to chat with the UpContent team

New Icons for Collections

With the ever changing landscape of the online world, UpContent likes to provide options that help you keep track at a glance of where your content is going!

We’ve updated our Collection icon set to signify the Collection’s purpose.

These include integrations such as Hootsuite, Zapier and Mailchimp, as well as more generic icons such as team collaboration, filtration and a “check” to signify approved content - all letting you and your team know Collection’s role in your workflow! 

Welcome new team members

Please help us welcome to our team Marsha, Danny, and Thomas! 

Marsha Cipolione is our Senior Solutions Consultant who is here to make sure our customers are getting the absolute most out of UpContent! Her objective is building solid relationships based upon mutual esteem, partnership, and success.

Danny Collins has joined our team as a Software Engineer! His aim is to serve our customers by bringing UpContent's vision to life via software. He is passionate about the technologies in use and strives to support the team in any way possible.

Last, but certainly not least Thomas Scarlato has joined the UpContent family in the role of Senior Software Engineer! Thomas aims to build reliable and scalable features and integrations that enable our users with the tools they need when they need them - ensuring they get the most from their curation strategy.

...and with that being said, that’ll do it for this edition of The Wrap Up. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out via email ( or phone (412-447-1773). We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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