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Three Myths about UpContent : What UpContent Does and Doesn’t Do

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You’re probably on the hunt for a content solution to fix all of your pains, problems, and burnout…but I hate to be the bearer of bad news.

There is no easy one-stop shop, a fix-all solution to content marketing.‍

Content marketing is no longer just content creation; it’s curation, syndication, user-generated, earned…‍

That list can go on for a while.

Studies show that in almost every case, the most effective content marketing strategy is a blend of some or the content marketing methods listed above.‍

“Ok, then how is UpContent ACTUALLY going to help me?”

Great question! I plan on proving to you how UpContent can and will help your content marketing strategy.‍

We’ve helped hundreds of businesses develop a content curation strategy and reduce the amount of time spent searching for content by 65%!

Content curation adds credibility and builds trust with your customers because you’re sharing all of the relevant research they would have done elsewhere in one place.‍

In this article, I will debunk three common myths about UpContent and learn how UpContent’s curating software will take your business to the next level.

Myth #1: UpContent is an AI content creation service

“UpContent will write my blogs/social media posts/emails for me so I can automatically have them shared!”

Debunked: UpContent does not create content

UpContent won’t create content specifically for your company. 

It doesn’t create any content at all, and it gathers content related to your industry and target audience interests that you can use to curate and help create content for your business.‍

The whole point of content curation is to build trust with your readers by sharing third-party content.

UpContent IS a curation tool that will save you time and energy by bringing you the best-curated content for your niche.‍

Our proprietary crawler scans the globe twice daily to find the latest and greatest articles for your business and curates them into one easy-to-browse platform.

‍For you number buffs out there, that’s 50,000 articles A DAY from over 216,000 publications (and growing). 

‍Your topics can be as broad or narrow as you need them to be, and you can organize the content even further by applying automatic filters or manually sorting them into collections.

Those collections can be for social media, email, your website, or other uses.

We integrate with your favorite tools and can even leverage our custom RSS or API to bring your curation vision to life. 

Myth #2: UpContent is a syndication or republication tool

“UpContent only aggregates and reports content with no custom options.”

Debunked: UpContent is a collection of relevant content

UpContent isn’t designed to be just an RSS feed you can plug into your website and create unique content for your site. ‍

A strong content curation strategy is not about dumping RSS feeds on people and having them wade through every article about a topic to find the pieces that might interest them.

‍When you go to a museum, not every fact about an exhibit is on display. That would be so overwhelming, and you wouldn’t want to read or take in any information about it.

Even if you did take the time to go through it all, you'd walk away not remembering a thing you just read, wasting your time and mental energy.‍

The same goes for content curation.

Your job as a content curator is to select the most relevant and valuable content for your readers and organize it in a way that’s beneficial to them.

It’s a collection of content you can repurpose and reshare on different channels that you should customize with your thoughts.

Myth #3: UpContent is a content management system

“I can use UpContent to schedule and share to my social media accounts.” 

Debunked: UpContent isn’t a social calendar or scheduling system. 

UpContent supports your overall distribution strategy you are implementing with other tools, but we are not another content management system like HubSpot or Hootsuite.‍

UpContent's focus is to support you in the discovery, collaboration, and optimization of your curated content. 

We partner with some of the best social, email, web, and other distribution technologies to lean on their expertise in getting what you curate to your audience - and ensuring you don't have a siloed curation approach.‍

We approach your curation strategy the same way Uber approached ride-sharing

Uber provides 15 million rides a day, but they don’t own one car.

They don’t employ a single driver. 

UpContent operates in a very similar way. ‍

The over 10,000 articles our customers share via UpContent each month generates nearly 100,000 clicks by their audiences, yet, we don’t directly support that last step of distribution. ‍

We don’t have a direct relationship with social media networks. 

We can’t send any emails. ‍

We can’t host any web pages. ‍

Here are some of our favorite tools to accomplish that job. 

We aren’t your distribution network. We don’t want to be - and you shouldn't want us to be either. ‍

But we’re not your one-stop shop.

And we have a good reason for that!

One of the main strategies behind curated content is to share a fuller version of your story, providing perspective on what you are reading rather than only what you create.

This is hard to do if you have tools and content spread amongst five, six, or seven different tools. It’s hard to manage, and you waste time trying to organize it to all fit.‍

Our tool here at UpContent is designed to help you save time while still curating so you can share your perspective in an organized, fluid manner.

‍Consistency is key, but noise is harmful. 

Curation is only a piece of the puzzle

Our goal is to make content curation a part of your content strategy, not simply a feature of a single distribution channel.

Curation should be approached with the same level of strategy that you’re applying to content creation. ‍

What do I want to say?‍

Then ‍

How do I get the message to where my audience is spending their time? 

Content curation is not just for social media.

That same article that you looked at and think is great should also be able to go directly into an email campaign, your website, and onto your team chat. 

Curation doesn’t take as much time as content creation, but it doesn’t mean you should think about it less.

Boost your business with UpContent

While UpContent won’t create or automatically share your content anywhere you need it to go, it does support an equally critical piece of your strategy.‍

UpContent is making the discovery and distribution of relevant third-party content easy to do from a single location that integrates with all your current distribution tools rather than spending hours searching the internet and even more time copying and pasting into your channels.

You save them time and mental energy, and you build your reputation as the thought leader that you are. ‍

If you’re ready to take the next step in your curation journey, sign up for a free 14-day trial of UpContent and see how much time and energy YOU can save by finding your curated content in one place. ‍

If you’re not yet ready to start your free trial and want to continue your own research on how a curation strategy can support your goals, you’ll be interested in the following:

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