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We Have Integrated UpContent With Zapier For Automated Content Curation Workflows

Although many businesses understand the benefits of curating helpful content, to help them discover and distribute engaging and engaging articles, there are some significant barriers to entry.

Chief among them is the effort and time required to carry out curation. For many small and mid-sized companies, the burden of identifying, assembling, and distributing content that works with their brand story is a tedious process that involves various online tools and hours of valuable time.

At UpContent, we have partnered with leading workflow automation solution provider Zapier to offer a systematic and consistent way to automate many of the manual processes needed to complete your curation strategy.

What Is Zapier?

Zapier is a revolutionary tool that makes it simple to automate integration between different online applications.

Zapier will make your life easier by automating mundane tasks and freeing up your time for other productive activities.

This tool is an excellent alternative when direct integrations between applications aren't available, or if you want to extend the functionality of existing integrations.

Zaps are central to how Zapier works, so what are they? A Zap refers to a range of connected actions within the Zapier tool.

Each Zap consists of Triggers and Actions. The trigger is the initial step of a supported event, which sends information to an Action application. Actions could be multi-directional depending on the type of application receiving or sending the data.

Our integration with Zapier exposes a range of Triggers and Actions for many applications that our clients use. Integration with Zapier is available for all publishers signed up to any UpContent paid plan.

The Zapier integration is available via all paid plans

How The Integration With Zapier Works

Connecting your account with Zapier is simple.

When you want to create a Zap on Zapier, simply login to their UpContent account when prompted by Zapier.

Next, the UpContent system will request you to give the workflow system permission to read and modify data in their accounts by clicking on the "Allow" button. When you complete these two simple steps, your UpContent accounts will connect to Zapier. More here.

Thanks to the integration with Zapier, you can now connect with more than 3,000 applications to automate their workflows. Some app integrations are:

UpContent + Slack

Zapier will automatically create a message in a Slack channel whenever an UpContent collection has a new article.

You can use this integration to keep your teams informed of all new approved content, let them know whenever there is new content available, or use it as part of the approval workflow.

●    Trigger: Article added to UpContent collection

●    Action: Send Slack channel message

UpContent + Buffer

The social media scheduling application, Buffer, is a vital tool for publishing a lot of content we curate. With the Zapier integration, users can automatically create a post and add it to their Buffer queue from an article in their UpContent collection. The integration will also easily customize posts using a title, summary, image, and URL.

●    Trigger: Article added to the UpContent collection

●    Action: Add a post to Buffer's queue

Zapier Scheduler + UpContent + Mailchimp

Email is one of the most important ways our clients publish the content they curate within UpContent. With the Zapier scheduling feature as a trigger, publishers can have an email digest delivered weekly to their Mailchimp subscribers. While our native partnership with Mailchimp is also available, this Zap enables use of our HTML email design capabilities. The workflow could be:

●    Trigger: Weekly schedule on Zapier triggered

●    Action 1: Get HTML email from UpContent

●    Action 2: Mailchimp creates an email campaign

●    Action 3: Mailchimp sends the email to subscribers

Zapier Scheduler + UpContent + Salesforce Pardot

Salesforce's Pardot is a powerful marketing automation tool that helps marketing and sales teams to identify leads and close deals. With a campaign and custom HTML email from UpContent, our customers can automatically send a curated set of engaging articles to their subscribers.

In this way, they can avoid the manual sending of email messages while maintaining their tracking, analytics, and distribution within a Pardot instance.

●    Trigger: Weekly schedule triggered in Zapier

●    Action 1: Get HTML email from UpContent

●    Action 2: Send HTML Email from Pardot

UpContent + Hootsuite

The integration with Hootsuite now lets businesses easily streamline their social media workflows.

When activated, it will automatically create and schedule social media posts through Hootsuite every time a new article is added to their UpContent collection.

They could also leverage this integration to manage multiple profiles easily and to ensure that their posts remain valuable to their audience.

●    Trigger: Article is added to an UpContent collection

●    Action: Schedule Hootsuite message

Zapier Scheduler + UpContent + Zapier Email

Through this Zap, users can send out a scheduled message as an HTML email campaign in UpContent.

They can then keep their teams updated without having to craft a different email marketing program. All this is possible while maintaining a highly professional look thanks to UpContent's email builder.

●    Trigger: Weekly Zapier schedule triggered

●    Action 1: Get HTML email from UpContent

●    Action 2: Zapier sends an outbound email

Why We Chose Zapier

At UpContent, we offer integration between the tools that our clients know and love. Our solution allows their marketing, sales, and HR teams to quickly and easily share great content internally and externally while they enjoy the following benefits:

1. Fewer Errors

No system can operate with zero errors. However, taking a proactive stance to identify and fix setup errors is something that Zapier can help businesses and publishers to resolve.

Thanks to improved workflow management of their UpContent content curation solution, it is easy to stop errors from occurring.

What's more, improved integration of different applications means that they can pinpoint the location of mistakes, if they occur, letting them work out any kinks and prevent the same issues from recurring.

2. Better Connectivity

The applications that Zapier helps to integrate can connect different corporate entities — software, people, and work culture.

Businesses offer their employees the tools that they need to interact with each other. But what about the tools? Work applications also need to connect seamlessly to boost efficiency.

For any type of technology to work, it is critical to integrate various related software systems since content curation requires more than one application. Zapier offers a solution that draws its data from multiple web-based software tools and runs the workflows between them.

Additionally, the system will allow you to collect data on how your audience reacts to it. This information helps you refine your workflows further and creates more opportunity for you to realize value from your use of UpContent.

3. Improved Productivity

Our customers will see the difference in how they manage their curation strategy thanks to Zapier's improved workflow management.

Since Zapier will now help automate all of your workflows, you will save a lot of time updating information and connecting different content marketing tools. Management teams and content managers can track the progress of various actions within the workflow system.

If there is a critical piece of information missing, you can easily review the action triggers to determine where the problem lies.

4. Elimination Of Redundant Manual Tasks

According to a study quoted in IT Chronicles, businesses worldwide lose $5 trillion every year from repetitive tasks, with office workers spending an average of 69 days annually on mundane tasks.

Organizations stand to gain an enormous amount of productive time if their employees automate routine tasks and focus on other tasks that require human attention.

Integrating UpContent with Zapier gives content publishers a workflow solution with pre-defined rules. They can configure their applications to trigger various conditional steps that carry out tasks automatically.

5. High Data Security And Privacy

One of the crucial factors that we consider when choosing technical partners is their commitment to our customer's data safety. Zapier has a globally distributed team of security professionals on call 24/7. Additionally, they constantly monitor all security notifications generated by third-party libraries. As soon as they identify any issues, the Zapier team applies the relevant patches immediately upon their release. Additional Zapier data security features are:

●    Protecting the credentials of connected UpContent accounts with bank-standard encryption

●    Only taking actions on your account when they need them to run your Zaps

●    Storing the raw requests made to other services and tools on behalf of publishers for only seven days before a complete purge

●    Holding user-facing history for a maximum of four months to allow for client monitoring before a complete purge

Our Partnership With Zapier Gives Customers More Time To Focus On Their Core Businesses

From the launch of our service, we have worked hard to foster direct relationships with the top technology vendors and producers of the technologies our customers love.

With this in mind, it was only natural that we would have Zapier as our integration partner.

The partnership allows our clients to achieve more with our existing partners and set up automated workflows using technologies with which we do not yet have direct alliances.

If you want to find out how UpContent can help your business curate your business's best content, contact us today.

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