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The Wrap Up: April 2020

Hi Everyone! Welcome to our new blog and video series called, The Wrap Up!. 

In this series, we will be covering improvements made to the UpContent platform and experience over the past month. 

Seeing is Believing: Watch how to best leverage Topics and Collections within UpContent!

We have made some exciting updates to our online help center! Our tutorials used to be silent video and text-based. Now, they are complete video tutorials with spoken instructions on the Topics and Collections aspects of UpContent!

Visit to check them out! We look forward to incorporating your feedback on these new Topics and Collections sections as we update all other aspects of the learn site. 

You asked, We listened!: Removing publishers you don’t want to see with a single click.

This was sparked by a great idea from an UpContent customer (thanks, Steven!). His ask: ”Could we make it possible to remove a disliked source directly from the content card rather than having to do it within the Sources menu?”.

Now, next to the publisher’s name on the content card there is a minus (-) button. If you click it, you will be able to remove all of the articles from that publisher! (Note: this is currently only available in the grid view, but we’ll be bringing it to you list view lovers shortly!)

You asked, We listened!: Easily see the Topic and Collection you are viewing in UpContent.

This great suggestion came from UpContent customer Valery (thank you!). Now when you are using UpContent, you will be able to see which Topic or Collection you viewing via a highlighted block around the Topic or Collection’s name!

(Note: this is currently implemented in Collections, but is coming to Topics very soon!)

Sharing is Caring: Automatically feed your curated articles across accounts.

UpContent has now implemented Syndication to Collections!

With Syndication, you can automatically feed articles you curate into your account’s collections, into the accounts of other organizations you and your team support - while keeping subscription and billing information separate.

When using sources to auto-populate the Collection of the account receiving the curated articles, you will want to make sure you check the “Show collections from syndication accounts” option within the Collection sources menu.

This is currently in beta, so please reach out to us if you would like to try it across your accounts!

Faster, More Reliable Source Addition: More quickly and reliably receive content from added RSS feeds in collections.

Our product team has helped ensure that articles from external RSS feeds being used as Collection Sources appear more quickly and reliably.

If you have any questions as to how to add RSS feeds as sources to Collections, we have updated our online help center to help you with that as well! (See the first bullet point of this blog post, it all comes together!)

If you have any questions, ideas, or suggestions about UpContent, please feel free to contact us!

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