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Curated Content - its role in marketing, sales, and beyond - The B2B Mix Show

There are lots of ways to build your Story Leadership (tm), including "content curation," where you carefully select and share content created by other people.


We cover the following points about curated content:

  • Typical fears and concerns when it comes to curated content
  • How curation can position the brand and sales reps as subject matter experts
  • The definition of good curation and how it’s different from content aggregation
  • Typical mistakes marketers still make with content curation
  • How to curate content to support evergreen and pillar page strategies
  • The importance of consistency when curating (frequency, posting) and how technology can help minimize time and effort
  • The role of curation in other areas: social media, employee advocacy, original content ideation, internal information sharing and education
  • Enlisting the help of subject matter experts across the organization to curate the right content for marketers to leverage
  • Ways to distribute curated content
  • How sales teams are beginning to embrace content curation for social selling, personal brand building, and sharing knowledge with the marketing team
  • Using content curation tools to build learning organizations (internally)
  • Leveraging technology to get more out of content curation
  • Legal concerns (like the EU Copyright Directive) and the future of content curation

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