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Is content curation legal?

Content curation typically falls under “Fair Use,” meaning you can easily share content created by others without worrying about legal action as long as you correctly attribute AND ensure that the original author receives value from your sharing of their work.

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Content Curation Isn't Just Cmd + V

Content curation goes beyond the act of copying and pasting an original article onto your website. It encompasses the careful selection, organization, and presentation of valuable content from various sources.

It's important to note that republishing someone else's work without proper permission or attribution is not content curation.

While the internet is a hub for sharing information, it's crucial to respect copyright laws and protect the integrity of created content.

4 Tips To Curate Content Legally


Never Copy + Paste

 Effective content curation should add value by providing context and directing readers to the original source, benefiting both the curator and the original author.


Always Cite

Properly citing sources in content curation is crucial and legally safer, and it can foster positive relationships with original publishers.

Context and POV

Sharing articles with context on their relevance establishes your thought leadership and positions you as a valuable resource, making you the memorable point of contact for your audience.

Be Selective

It's important to diversify sources to build credibility and avoid appearing as a mere reposting channel, and to balance curated content with original creation, with an optimal mix being 40% created and 60% curated content.

Next Steps In Curating Content Legally

Content curation is a highly effective way to engage with your customers and prospects while establishing your role as a thought leader in your industry. 

However, going about it ethically and legally is key.

Again, you should not blindly curate content; know what you’re sharing and why you’re sharing it with your audience.

Properly attributing, sharing, and providing context on carefully curated pieces will help you avoid cease and desist letters or other legal actions and will support your overall marketing strategy. 

UpContent helps you curate safely by allowing you to easily share the content you find while adding your context and reasons you think someone should read it. 

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